Tell me guys, how many times have you heard of a “Customer Service Guarantee?”

You know how many times we have read or seen Customer Service Guarantee and have had nothing but bad service! That Guarantee is not worth the effort that it was taken to write it up. When we say Customer Service Guarantee we MEAN IT.


Customers make your business, whether they are good to you or bad. They deserve your respect, appreciation and certainly your time. All the staff at Mobile Express operate under the same fundamentals that drive our business into the future.

Compassion, Appreciation and Dedication. 

Compassion:Understanding a customers need, problems or requests. When people say service I think they forget that service is not the most important when you are about to sell a product, rather once the product is sold. Tell me how many times you have bought something and when faced with a problem the business does not want to help you. We are all about compassion.

Appreciation:I mean I know we are in the 2000’s but what ever happened to good old appreciation for the person that spent money with your business? Here at Mobile Express, whether you spend a dollar of five hundred dollars we will simply appreciate your choice to deal with us.

Dedication:We are committed to you as much as you committed your time and money with us. We will always strive to provide the best prices Australia wide. Just remember that with the lowest prices you don’t always receive the best support. Mobile Express prides itself on having not only simply AWESOME prices but most amazingly service above and beyond what you will accept.

Your time will be appreciated. Your money will be well spent. Your problems will be answered and resolved FAST. You will be attended to professionally and fairly. We will make a difference to you!

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